Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

Tivoli Cinemas
4050 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, MO 64111

T: (816) 561-5222

Kansas City LGBT Film Festival

Jun 12
Tivoli Cinemas 7:00 PM


Co-sponsored by the Kansas City Human Rights Commission and KC-AVP

The grisly details of the horrific murder of Matthew Shepard are well known, but close friend Michele Josue's intensely personal film provides intimate insights into the real person behind the heartbreaking headlines.

Along with poignant home movies, photos, letters and journal entries by Matthew, Josue interviews the important people in Shepard's life — parents Dennis and Judy, former teachers and many close friends including two people from Kansas City: Walter Boulden and Father Roger Schmit — who will be in attendance at this special screening.

While we've come a long way in the last fifteen years, LGBT inequality and hate crimes are still very real today, and parts of Matt's story are unfortunately still very much a part of young people's realities.

Join us for this universal story that highlights the responsibility we have now to make sure young people around the world are not at risk of falling victim to the same story ending Matt was.

An audience discussion with Walt Boulden and Father Roger facilitated by Justin Shaw of the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project follows the screening.