Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

Educational DVD Box Set


Educational DVD Box Set

$ 150.00


The Educational DVD Box Set is for students, teachers, librarians, and administrators who want to spark a compassionate, thoughtful, and safe discussion about LGBTQ history, hate crimes, and human rights. In addition to the Theatrical Version of Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, the Educational DVD Box Set includes extensive extras materials, all of which can be used at the purchasing institution for many years to come. ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.S & CANADA.

Educational DVD Box Set includes: Theatrical Version (89 min), Broadcast Version (60 min), Classroom Version (40 min), Theatrical Trailer, a Special Message from Judy and Dennis Shepard, Dennis Shepard's Statement to the Court, Matthew Shepard Foundation Video: Combating Hate And Bullying In Lexington, English Closed Captions, Spanish Subtitles, Mandarin Subtitles.

Also available for computer download on the Educational DVD Box Set: Classroom Mini Unit by Big Picture Instructional Design (PDF).